Coupling over twenty-seven years’ experience in the recruitment industry with the creativity, pace and vibrancy of young professionals, we have established a substantial track record of success in managing executive headhunt, specialist search and internship recruitment projects as well as developing and delivering youth career development and work readiness training.


Daphne Pereira with the Options Group Team


Options’ search methodology encompasses several phases, each one being managed by a specifically appointed lead consultant and search team who leverage technology and Options sourcing techniques to harness multiple sourcing channels that uncover active, passive and hidden talent pools of high quality candidates with the skills and experience required.


Training and Projects

Realising the need for formal and well-designed job readiness intervention, Options harnessed the skills of recruitment industry experts, career specialists, educationalists and career consultants to create GOAL2WORK. The programme empowers unemployed youth to discover their career aspirations and fulfil their right to meaningful employment.


Goal2Work Programme designed by The Options Group

Options Recruitment and Training Group has three directors-shareholders and is rated a Level Four B-BBEE contributor. Two of the three directors hold key positions within the company as well as being actively involved in decision-making and daily activities. The company’s success lies in the depth of experience of directors and staff, a long-term commitment by directors to building a company that delivers exceptional results, consistent innovation and value in recruitment and youth empowerment solutions. Click here to meet the team.

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