Mark Dodsworth

Mark Dodsworth is internationally recognised for his innovative approach to the empowerment of people through the language of percussion, music and dance. In 1994 he co-founded RedZebra Global, a Social Enterprise that has offices in the UK, USA and South Africa and has worked in over 70 countries in 6 continents.

Mark has a very unique ability to design and facilitate highly impactful events and has presented globally in numerous work environments and conferences, business schools and boardrooms.

Using a dynamic toolkit of rhythm, music and creativity to actively engage, excite & empower people in communities and companies, Mark helps people discover their individual potential fueling purpose with passion and fun!

His global exposure has given him a unique insight into human interaction, enabling him to develop truly effective ways to increase peoples’ engagement in the content, message & experience his clients want to deliver. His ability to create ‘fizz’ and to enrapture an audience has to be experienced first hand. An experienced Creative Director, Facilitator, Master Trainer, Mark has designed and delivers hundreds of experiences around the world that focus on Creative Leadership and Innovation.

With a particular interest in gender balance and a wealth of experience in both Personal, Corporate and Community Development, Mark is known for his ability to enhances human performance in life, in business and on stage. Currently based in Madrid, Mark is working on his Spanish fluency and is a whole brain thinking trained coach.